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All wavs on this page were sampled at (8 bit mono 11Khz) and all mp3s on this page were sampled at (80kbs 44Khz).

breath.wav(49K) breath.mp3(49K) breath.m4r(iPhone ringtone)


all2easy.wav(11K) all2easy.mp3(11K) all2easy.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "All too easy."

asuwish2.wav(8K) asuwish2.mp3(8K) asuwish2.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Imperial Officer: "As you wish, m'Lord."

darkside.wav(45K) darkside.mp3(45K) darkside.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "You don't know the power of the dark side."

dsntgrt.wav(41K) dsntgrt.mp3(41K) dsntgrt.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "I want them alive - no disintegrations"

father.wav(26K) father.mp3(26K) father.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "I am your father."

forgivng.wav(39K) forgivng.mp3(39K) forgivng.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am."

haveyou.wav(15K) haveyou.mp3(15K) haveyou.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "I have you now."

plans.wav(65K) plans.mp3(65K) plans.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "Commander, tear this ship apart until you've found those plans, and bring me the passengers! I want them alive!"

takeher.wav(7K) takeher.mp3(7K) takeher.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "Take her away!"

dontfail.wav(22K) dontfail.mp3(22K) dontfail.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "Don't Fail me again."

theforce.wav(95K) theforce.mp3(95K) theforce.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "The Force is with you young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet."

faith.wav(26K) faith.mp3(26K) faith.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

no_one.wav(18K) no_one.mp3(18K) no_one.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "There will be no one to stop this time."

failed.wav(41K) failed.mp3(41K) failed.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "You have failed for the last time Admiral."

proud.wav(39K) proud.mp3(39K) proud.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "Do not be so proud of this technological terror."

honored.wav(32K) honored.mp3(32K) honored.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "We would be honored if you would join us"

as_wish.wav(18K) as_wish.mp3(18K) as_wish.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "As you wish."

bidding.wav(26K) bidding.mp3(26K) bidding.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "What is thy bidding my master"

impresiv.wav(11K) impresiv.mp3(11K) impresiv.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "Impressive"

noescap.wav(52K) noescap.mp3(52K) noescap.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "There is no escape don't make you destroy you."

power.wav(41K) power.mp3(41K) power.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "If you only knew the power of the Dark Side!"

waiting.wav(26K) waiting.mp3(26K) waiting.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Darth Vader: "I've been waiting for you Obi Wan."

proceed.wav(43K) proceed.mp3(43K) proceed.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Emporer: "Everything is proceeding as I have forseen."

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