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Starsky And Hutch: corkystail.mp3 (612 K) 

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Huggy Bear: "bleep!"
Hutch: "Whoa, whoa, hold up, hold up! Just chill out! Chill! Watch yourself."
Huggy Bear: "Oh, no. Hell no."
Hutch: "What happened? Did he shoot Corky?"
Huggy Bear: "Your boy shot his tail off."
Lamell: "Corky lost his tail?"
Starsky: "Yeah, well, you should keep that thing in a terrarium."
Huggy Bear: "Man, what the hell is a terrarium?"
Leon: "What the bleep is a terrarium?"
Lamell: "A terrarium is an artifirial ecosystem. It's designed to simulate Corky's natural habitat."
Leon: "Well, I can dig that. But I say we shoot him in the ass."
Lamell: "Oh, hell, yeah. An eye for an eye."
Hutch: "Whoa, take it easy. Huggy, help me out here."
Huggy: "Hey, hey, hey, slow up, fellas. An iguana con lose his tail and grow it back. He regenerates. That's how he escapes his predator."
Lamell: "Yeah, it's true. It's a defence mechanism. I read it in a magazine."
Leon: "So him shooting Carky's tail off and us shooting him in the ass, it really ain't the same thing."
Huggy: "Nah, the punishment don't fit the crime. And besides, it was an accident, right?"
Starsky: "Right."
Hutch: "So we're cool."
Huggy: "We're always cool, breeze. Lower your pieces."

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