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Shop Used Golf at 2nd Swing

Chris: "Hi, Dr. Jacobs? This is Chris Marlin over at J.T. Marlin."
Dr. Jacobs (Peter Maloney): "Marlin?"
Chris: "Right. He's my father."
Richie O'Flaherty (Scott Caan): "He's my mother."
Chris: "So, my associate tells me you're interested in one of our stocks."
Doctors Secretary: "Your wife's on three."
Dr. Jacobs: "I will call her back. Uh, yes. M.S.C. sounds like it might be interesting."
Chris: "Might me? 'Might be' doesn't sell stock at the rate M.S.C.'s going for, Dr. Jacobs. 'Cause we're talking very high volume here."
Dr. Jacobs: "Well, I still have to run it by my people."
Chris: "That's great, Doc, if you wanna miss yet another opportunity here and watch your colleagues get rich doing clinical trials and don't buy a share and hang up the phone."
Dr. Jacobs: "Well, hold on a second. Now, I didn't say that. I just want to talk about it some more."
Chris: "Honestly, Doc, I don't have the time. This stock is blowing up right now. The whole firm's going nuts. Hold on. Let me open up the door to my office. See that, Doc? That's my trading floor. Now, I have a million calls to make to a million othre doctors who are already in the know. I can't walk you through this right now. I'm sorry."
Dr. Jacobs: "Okay, okay. Let's do this."
Chris: "Now, since you're a new account, I can't go higher than 2,000 shares. I'm sorry."
Dr. Jacobs: "2000? Are you nuts? That is way beyond what I was thinking. 2,000? Jesus! Listen, I'm curious, why can't you sell me any more than that?"
Chris: "Well, we like to establish a relationship with our clients on something small before we get to the more serious trades. Let me show you several percentage points on this small trade and then we'll talk about doing future business."
Dr. Jacobs: "That sounds good. Give me the 2,000 shares."
Chris: "Done."
Dr. Jacobs: "You sure you can't do any better on this one?"
Chris: "I'm sorry, Dr. Jacobs. I can't. I'm sorry."
Dr. Jacobs: "Oh, all right, we'll start with this trade, then."
Chris: "I promise we'll swing for the fences on the next one. Do you want that confirmation sent to your office or your mansion?"
Dr. Jacobs: "Ha, ha, very funny, Mr. Marlin."
Chris: "Let me put my secretary on, and she'll take down your info. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Done and done."
Everyone: "(cheering)"

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