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Shop Used Golf at 2nd Swing

Seth: "Harry, Harry, listen to this."
Harry: "Jesus bleep, what's gonig on over there?"
Seth: "You see what I'm saying? People know! The whole place is going nuts. It's already up a point, and it just came off the restricted list. Look, I'm advising all my clients to get in on this, and heavy. DOn't you see that you get the same stock that we picked up at eight, only now it's at four. Now, when it was at eight, I said it was going to 20, right?"
Harry: "Yes, you did."
Seth: "Well, it's still going there, probably even higher now. Look, this doesn't change anything except that you're going to be making more money than you did before. Harry, I liked it at eight; I love it at four. It's an average down for you."
Harry: "A what?"
Seth: "It's called dollar-cost averaging. If you own a hundred shares at ten dollars, and you pick up another 100 at 5, that's a net 200 shares at 7.50 a share. Your cost basis is lower. Now, if I get you involved at 10, I take you out at 15, how many points did I make you, Harry?"
Harry: "Five."
Seth: "Exactly. But if I get you involved at seven and a half and I take you out at 15 that's 7 1/2 points. That's even better, isn't it?"
Harry: "Yeah, but I, uh..."
Seth: "Wait, Harry, Harry, let me close the door to my office. One second. All right? I also have a bullet on it. A few days ago, Dan Dorfman on CNBC put a heavy buy recommendation on Farrow Tech. Listen to me, off the record, I just called a broker friend of mine who works at another firm and had him pick me up 50,000 shares under my sister-in-law's name. Harry, I'm gonna put all my kids through college with this stock. Look, I have a thousand more phone calls I have to make. I have to call every one of my clients and give 'em the same opportunity. You remember when we first spoke? I told you that thin firm only has six or seven great ideas a year? Well, Harry, this is one of those ideas. I remember you saying something about wanting to buy a house, right?"
Harry: "Yeah."
Seth: "Well, how'd you like to pay for it tomorrow in cash?"
Harry: "You serious?"
Seth: "Serious as cancer."
Harry: "Okay, all I have is... is the 50,000 from our savings account."

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