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Greg: "Now there's two rules you have to remember as a trainee. Number one: We don't pitch the bitch here."
Seth: "What?"
Greg: "We don't sell stock to women. I don't care who it is; we don't do it. Nancy Sinatra calls, you tell her you're sorry. They're a constant pain in the ass and your never gonna hear the end of it. All right? They're gonna call you every furking day wanting to know why the stock is dropping. And god forbid the stock should go up. You're gonna hear from them every bleepin' 15 minutes. It's just not worth it. Don't pitch the bitch."
Seth: "Okay, yeah. Don't pitch the bitch."
Greg: "Number two: Don't write wood, all right? A lot of trainees are so anxious to get off the phone that they just steamroll the guy into getting the press packet so they can hang up. Then I call back, and I'm, like, 'Hi. You spoke to a junior associate of mine last month.' And the guy's like 'Yeah, not interested. Bye.' That's a bleepty lead, okay? That's bleeping wood. The info we send is bullbleep, all right? The most important part is telling them you have that one great idea and that a senior broker's gonna call them back in a month. This way they don't think we fire off a million recos a day. We don't want our clients thinkin' you're pitchg them something you read in the Journal this mornin', right?"
Seth: "Yeah, right."
Greg: "Okay, so no wood. I'm serious. No wood."
Seth: "All right. All right. Take it easy. Take it easy."
Greg: "Hey, don't even start that bleepin' bleep with me, okay? I'm tryin' to tell you what's expected of you and what you job is. I'm tryin' to make the job easier here, okay? Don't give me any of that bleepin' lip."

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