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Franklin: "(Throughout this speech franklin is warding off the advances of his very large cellmate.) Man, I am dead serious man. The po po be trippin' man ever since that OJ bleep man. I was just rollin'down the street. Wasn't doinn' nothin'. They going pull me over man. I'm serious man. I was just living ghetto fabulous man. I had five of my finest hos and I was just chillin' man."
Cellmate (Faizon Love): "Are you high?"
Franklin: "I'm a little high. But I was just chillin' man. Man, I was like... The cops goin' come up pull behind me had lights and everything. sayin' "Get out the car Get out the car". I was like no, I ain't gettin out the car. I ain't gettin out the car"
Cellmate: "(Laughs)"
Franklin: "Yeah, I was like, No, I ain't gettin out the car. And all my hos was scared. It was like, (screaming) Franklin... Franklin... I'm scared."
Cellmate: "They be sayin stuff like that."
Franklin: "And they pulled up side of me and I was like oh no no. I ain't stoppin because I didn't do nothin'. An they came over to the car right. "Get out the car" I got out the car. I go what you callin backup for? Everybody around here... This is between me and you. I didn't even do nothin' They had my licence, my registration, everything. What's up now? What's up now? He was like... He's trying... Started... (talking to cellmate)Stop playin' man (back to story) He started trippin'. That's when I slapped him. Right I go HNGH! I took his hand cuffs right off him and put his hand cuffs on him. I put him in the back seat of my car and said I'm gonna take your ass to jail cause you the one trippin' around here. You undrestand?"
Cellmate: "The put their hands on you?"
Franklin: "Man they tried to man. This one dude goin' try to grab me from the back. That's how they caught me. That's how they brought me in."
Cellmate: "From the back. What they do? How'd they do it?"
Franklin: "They tried to grab me like this and jack me up."
Cellmate: "Like that?."
Farnklin: "No they was like grabbin' me. They was trippin' man. They was tryin'... Yeah, like that, yeah yeah... Man get the hell off me man! HEY! Where's your shirt at?"

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